What's What? When it comes to BrowTab Disposable Pens

BrowTab was created out of a love and strong need  for quality Disposable Microblading Pens (check out our 1st blog post about the embarrassing story behind BrowTab)

And of course a girl's gotta have choices- thats why BrowTab offers 2 different Blade Styles and 4 Blade sizes.

Not sure what Style and Size is right for you?

Check out our BrowTab style guide:

Angled Disposable Microblading Pen
9C, 12C, 18U Blades

Straight Disposable Microblading Pen
12C, 14C, 18U Blades

Blade Size
9C- BrowTab's Smallest Blade
Good for thinner/narrow brow styles- Allows more control and precision.
Good for beginners- as the blade itself is smaller
Great for creating detailed work- For artists who like to use more than one blade size in a procedure- 9 Blades are great for creating thin strokes between the thicker strokes of a larger blade

12C- The perfect go to blade
Great for all skin types- creates natural looking strokes that blend with all types of natural brow hair.

14C- BrowTab's Thickest Blade
Great for medium to full brows.
Created density and coverage.
Great for clients with thick natural brow hair- allows you to better match their natural hair

18U- BrowTab's Nano Blade
U blades are best for creating natural curved strokes.
In the industry U blades tend to be known as  intermediate to advanced blades, but don’t have to be with some practice they are easy to use and allow for great precision.

Pen Style
Angled Pen: Hold at 90 degree angle to the skin- always make sure all pins are touching the skin at all times during the strokes
Can feel uncomfortable at first but becomes really simple with a little practice

Straight Pen: Hold at 70 degree angle to the skin- similar to how you would hold a pencil

U Blade Pen:
Hold at 90 degree angle if using center pin (best practice)
Hold at 70 degree angle if using one side of the blade

Still have questions about BrowTab's Disposable Pens? Leave a comment, send me an email or DM.  I love to chat brows, brow products and BrowTab!



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