The BrowTab Story

Are you wondering how BrowTab came about? Well this story is a little embarrassing but totally on point for explaining why I (Alex) started BrowTab and why my love for disposable microblading pens that is much more than the average microblading tech. 

So after about 2 years of doing lash extensions I decided to add Microblading to my service roster and signed up for a Microblading course at a very reputable school here in Calgary.   

The course was great, but included in our supply kit was reusable autoclavable stainless steel microblading pen and single use needles that needed to be inserted into the pen.  Once we got practicing I figured out that the hard part  for me was actually getting the blade into the pen.  It honestly took me 10 minutes to get it in right sometimes- at the correct height and angle- for some reason I was constantly putting it in backwards ⁠

I'm sure you can relate that for a new microblader, practicing on live models and your first few clients (who am I kidding first 100 clients)  is stressful enough without the stress of did I put my pen together right and quick enough that your client/model isn’t wondering what your doing  fumbling about behind them. 

Once my course was done and I didnt have my instructor around to check my blade for me, I actually had a zoomed in photo on my phone that I would compare my assembled pen to- to make sure it was put together right- which I did for a small period of time.

On the last day of my course my instructor let us pick her brain a little bit and this is where I found out about a tool that probably save me sooo much time and stress- the game changing DISPOSABLE MICROBLADING PEN!  I was amazed!  A pen that was already assembled for you and at the right angle.  All you had to do was open the packaging, blade some gorgeous brows and then simply dispose of the whole thing in your sharps container! Amazing! Sooo easy!

So this began my search for the perfect disposable microblading pen- which I can say was not short or easy.  There are some on the market now, but 3 years ago they were few and far between– for what I could find it seemed that either the quality was awful or they were very very expensive.  I was a Disposable Microblading Pen Goldie Locks- on the search for one that was just right. 

I wanted it to feel good in my hands and slide through the skin like butter.  I also wanted choices, not only in blade size but in the angle of the blade/pen.  I don’t know about you but when I took my very first microblading course- it was written in stone that the blade had to be in the pen at a 45 degree angle- but as I came to learn sometimes a straight angled blade is what you need. 

Anyways, this kinda embarrassing struggle of mine is what brought you BrowTab!




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