Do you know the difference between the BrowTab Angled and Straight Microblading Pens?

Let's chat Angles this week. Pen Angles that is...⁠

BrowTab offers 2 styles of Microblading Pens⁠
Angled Disposable Pen ⁠
Straight Disposable Pen⁠

The BrowTab Straight Pen is straight like a pencil and the pre assembled blade sits in the pen at a 180 degree angle- Straight Up and Down⁠

Straight pens are great for artists who have a grasp on the correct angle the blade should be held to your client's skin, and like the flexibility of holding the pen how they please.⁠

Straight pens are light weight, the grip of the pen consists of circular groves for a secure hold.⁠

The BrowTab Angled Pen is Angled at a 45 degree angle and the pre assembled blade sits in the pen continuing this angle.⁠

Angled pens are great for artists who don't want to question the angle at which the blade should be held to their clients skin- you get the right angle everytime. Great for beginners- helps you hit the sweet spot.⁠

Angled pens are also great for artist who are currently assembling their own blade and pen- and insetting their blade at a 45 degree angle- cut our the hassle and guess work- Peel Open, Blade, Dispose.⁠

Angled pens are light weight and are made of a texture plastic for an easy no slip grip. The bubble at the grip created stability while allowing the pen to rotate gently in your hand for clean crisp strokes.⁠

Straight Pens are available in: 12C, 14C and 18U Nano Blades⁠

Angled Pens are available in : 9C, 12C, and 18U Nano Blades⁠

If you have more questions about different styles of BrowTab Disposable Microblading Pens or any BrowTab products, feel free to reach out.

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