Getting the Most out of your Numbing Cream

Numbing is such a crucial part of the Microblading appointment, but how much thought do we really put into applying numbing cream to our client and making sure we are getting their brows as numb as we can.

So lets talk numbing- At BrowTab we use and sell Zensa Topical Anesthetic and Blue Gel Anesthetic.  So this information will be based on these brond but will work for most numbing creams and gels out there- that are of course designed for professional use.

Initial Topical Anesthetic (Zensa) is to be applied to the skin before the treatment. At BrowTab we like to apply it after the have mapped out our client's brows- since the BrowTab Easy Glide Pencil stays on throughout the numbing. 

Topical numbing is applied before the treatment in a think layer to the brow area and then should be covered with plastic wrap to occlude the skin.

Wait what does that even mean? 
It means that we want to keep the skin and the numbing cream moist while it sits on the skin and takes effect. By wrapping the skin with plastic wrap it allows the anesthetic to remain liquid and wet; therefore penetrating the hydrated skin more quickly and effectively.

What else can you do to help your pre numbing work more efficiently:

  • Cleanse the skin first- removing dead skin and increasing circulation.
  • Lightly exfoliate the skin- have clients exfoliate prior to their appointment, or vigorously run a mascara wand over their brow area
  • Make sure to apply a thick layer of numbing cream and cover the whole area with plastic wrap
  • Don’t remove your numbing cream with soap- it will shorten the life of the numbing

Secondary Anesthetic (Blue Gel)  is to be applied once the skin has been broken after your first pass- it will have no effect if it is applied to unbroken skin.

This anesthetic works very quickly- taking effect in 2-5 minutes.  Blue gel contains 0.025% epinephrine- a vascular constrictor that reduces swelling, bruising and bleeding, it should not be reapplied or left on while tattooing.


Do you use both types of Anesthetics while Microblading your clients? Do you have any questions?  Leave me a comment or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes!









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