Do you know the Ins and Outs of the U blade?

U blades are an awesome alternative to the Curved/Slant blades


BrowTab Disposable NANO 18U Blade

The main difference is obvious, you can see it- a U Blade is shaped like an upside down letter U.⁠

So How Do you use a U blade? ⁠

Well, you start from the center point of the U. Think of the center of the U blade like the longest pin of a Curved blade. Pull that half of the U blade pins through your clients skin to create a stroke, allowing each pin to deposit pigment into their skin.⁠

U blades allow for a bit more flexibility in your stroke, and are amazing for creating more curved strokes (I know it sounds silly- a U Blade makes better curved strokes than a curved blade🙈 - but its true)⁠

BrowTab U blade are also Flexi Nano Blades- ⁠
Flexi blade: Flexible blade, wrapped in PVC not Metal⁠
Nano Blade: 0.18mm diameter- Finest diameter of blade/pins that we carry. Nano blades create ultra precise crisp strokes.⁠

Pro Tip: BrowTab Nano U blades are great for use on fair skin clients, elderly clients (thinner skin), clients with fine brow hair, and clients with barely there natural brows who want a natural look.⁠

If you have more questions about the U blades or any BrowTab products, feel free to reach out.

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