Keep it Clean

Sanitizing has always been super important in the Microblading, Permanent Make-up and Beauty industry but it is now more relevant than ever!⁠ 

Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Sterilizing⁠ may come as a habit to you since you've been trained to do this since your first brow course, or maybe even before that.⁠

But, now that most of you are back to work or returning soon, you may get a lot more questions about the protocols you are taking to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your studio.⁠

So whats the difference between Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Sterilizing?⁠

Sanitizing: ⁠
Sanitizing is the lowest level of cleaning, it reduces the number of bacterial contaminants to a safe level on inanimate objects. ⁠
These are products (Lysol sprays and wipes) you would use to clean counter tops, sinks, door nobs⁠ etc...⁠

Disinfecting: ⁠
Disinfecting destroys or inactivates microorganisms. Can be classified as low, intermediate or high level⁠.
This is what you use to clean Semi-Critical tools used during Brow appointments.⁠
Semi Critical tools are items or tools you use or touch prior to making your first stroke and opening up your clients skin. ie: Measuring tools, Brow Pencils, Pigment Bottles⁠

Sterilizing is the highest level of disinfecting. It eliminates/Kills all forms of microorganisms including endospores. This is required for all Critical tools.⁠
Critical tools are reusable items that comes into contact with blood or other bodily fluids.⁠

The easiest way to not worry about sterilization is to make sure all your Critical tools are disposable- Gloves, cotton rounds, mascara wands, microswabs, wipes, ring cups, microblades and pens.

You should always be wearing gloves when you are touching Critical tools.  If you happen to touch something else with these gloves- change em out. And be sure to Disinfect or Sterilize or dispose of that item.

BrowTab's Disposable Microblading pens are one time use and come pre sterilized and sealed in their own package.  You just have to simply dispose of the pen in your Sharps Disposal when you are done your service. ⁠

Pro Tip: Always clean soiled surfaced before disinfecting or Sanitizing. Always clean your tools and surfaces immediately after your services is complete- bacteria multiplies itself every 20 minutes.⁠

Do you have any questions?  Leave me a comment or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes!


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