How to Keep your Clients Coming Back

Microblading is a little bit of a different service than lashes, hair, nails... We don't see our clients every couple of weeks.  After our clients leave their 4-6 week touch up session, we don't see them for 9-24 months (based on your touch up rates and policies) 

Which is of course is exactly what we want- because if they are coming back sooner it generally means that they are not completely happy with their results (in most cases)

So how do we make sure our clients come back to us every year for their touch up?

1. Stay in Touch⁠ 💜
Sign your clients up for your email list- let them know about specials, Wish them Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays, share promotions and your other services- so they keep you top of mind⁠

🖤Pro Tip: If you have a blog this is a great way to keep in touch as well⁠.  Send you new blog post out to past clients 

2. Follow them on Social📱
Follow your clients on Instagram and/or Facebook and encourage them to follow you back in return.  This is the easiest way to keep your clients informed on what you and your business is up to.

3. Send Touch Up Reminders⁠ 💜
I like to send out a touch up reminder at the 1 year mark (text or email works). Check in with your clients and get them thinking about when they would like to book in.⁠

4. Offer Referral Incentives⁠🤑
Offer a small discount on your clients touch up for every new client they send your way. This way they are always thinking of you, as well as building up your business⁠.

I use these 4 tactics daily to keep my clients coming back, and it really does work! Do you have other methods that work for you? I'd love to hear them 🙋🏻‍♀️


Would you like to learn more on how to set up these channels/procedures on the backend?💻
Leave me a comment or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes!


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