Let's be Real!

Hey Babes

This is my first blog post in a little while, and it feels great to be back at it!  It was a little sad that I hadn't blogged for y'all in soo long, since my previous blog post was about showing up.

But I promise I have been showing up just not on the blog- I'm always on insta If your looking for my content and tips and tricks. 

Anyways I wanted to get back to blogging and be real with you again- back when the shutdown with Covid-19 started in March I did this but now that things are starting to get a little more back to normal and alot of us are returning to the studio to see clients, I think its time to be real again.

How did everyone really do throughout the shut down and quarantine, and how are you doing now? Are you ready to be back at work? Excited? Scared? Nervous?

For the first about 1.5 -2 months of quarantine I was super productive, crushing out content and ideas, and crossing so much off of my list. But as May rolled around and the weather got nicer here in Calgary, my motivation definitely dwindled- soaking up some long awaited sun became a bit of a priority.  I was still getting work done, but my usual go-go-go drive wasn’t quite there anymore.

It felt like things were never going to get back to normal, so what was the point on rushing to getting everything done when I didn’t have a deadline.  If i'm being honest the unknowing was the worst part for me- I’m a huge planner so not being able to plan made it difficult. I also like to work under pressure, so a having no deadline didn't lite a fire for me.

Then finally the news came!!! 3 Days and you  go back to work- start seeing clients again!!! And the deadline was set for me and all of a sudden I was back- feeling more productive than every- finishing whole lists in a few hours that had been on my To Do list for months. 

But before my motivation kicked back in- I had a bit of a paralyzed moment. I was prepared but it was still going to be a change from my current new normal, and my brain needed  a bit of time to process it.  Did I want to go back the very first day? How many clients was a ready to see each day?

I had made a plan which helped so much but when the time came, I still needed a few minutes to accept the change back to normal life.

I was definitely excited as I was moving into a new studio space, but I was also a bit anxious and nervous. After being at home so long, of course a change was going to be nerve wracking- you get use to being home, taking your time in the mornings, and I was going to miss my puppy soooo much.

But when the day came- I felt great I was excited! I decided to go back right away and just take a couple clients per day to get back into it- and I'm so happy I did.  Getting back to what I love felt amazing, and my clients were so great- they followed all our Re-Opening procedures like champs, and made my job so easy.  

I'd love to hear about how you guys did through quarantine or how you feeling about being back to work or going back to work. 

Leave me a comment or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes!



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