Map 1st, Numb 2nd, and Keep your Outline

At BrowTab we like to Map first☝️ and numb second✌️

This is tried and tested for us because it allows us to map and shape your brows with out having to rush and worry about the numbing starting to wear off.

As brow artist we know what some clients are much quicker to map than others, and some clients are more trusting, and others require more time.

So why not take the worry out of it and map first?

Use the BrowTab Press and Absorb Method- and you will keep your outlines throughout pre numbing

Step 1️⃣⁠
Use BrowTab Easy Glide Brow pencil to outline brow map.⁠

Step 2️⃣⁠
Apply a thick layer of Zensa Topical Numbing cream. Cover the whole area to be Microbladed, being careful to only apply the numbing cream within your outlines.⁠

Step 3️⃣⁠
Cover and allow numbing cream to sit for 20 minutes.⁠

⏩ To Remove Numbing Cream⁠ using Press and Absorb Method

Step 4️⃣⁠
Fold cotton round in half and press to the brows- Starting at the front of the brows. Apply firm pressure to absorb all the numbing cream in that area. Repeat on the tail of the brows, flipping the cotton round and using the dry side.⁠

Step 5️⃣⁠
Use same cotton round, or Q-tip to clean up excess numbing cream on the outside of the brow map⁠

💫Pro Tip: For extra mapping longevity- apply a few dots of surgical marker at key points on the brows.

💫Double Pro Tip: Witch-hazel works as a great surgical market remover at the end of your procedure.

p.s. If your wondering- this is my husband❤️ He agreed to be my model while we were quarantined at home, so I could still make fresh content for y'all




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