Meet Alma from Miel Healing

We're gonna do this week's Blog a little differently.  I've teams up with Alma from Miel Healing (and by healing I do mean aftercare) to bring you a feature on her, and her amazing products, and also a super sweet Giveaway!!

I met Alma on Instagram over 6 months back, and we instantly clicked, bonding over both having product lines, offering brow services and teaching.  We of course decided to send each other samples of our products, and luckily (haha) we both loved them!!

Alma is the owner of Miel Healing, that specializes in Aftercare Balm for all PMU services, but a product that can also be used after other Cosmetic services or as an everyday product at home.  

I started giving Miel Balm to clients to take home as their aftercare, and the results I got back were amazing! Not only did clients absolutely love the balm, their healing was scab free and they all came back with amazing retention!

On a personal note, after having surgery, I reached out to Alma asking if she recommended using it on surgical scars and of course she said yes! So I went ahead and started applying it daily to some small incision scars on my stomach and the healing has been amazing!!! 



But let's get back to Alma, I sat down with her to get the scoop and asked her some questions, and of course wanted to share what she had to say.

1. Who is Alma? 
I'm just a lady who loves empowering others! I've been in the beauty industry for over 10 years now. I am a former cosmetologist, currently a licensed Master Esty, and 4 time certified Pmu Artist! I believe that we really can change our lives and have the ability to really make all our dreams come true!

2. How did you get your start and introduced into the PMU world? 
My brow clients insisted on me taking a PMU course! I've been lucky and have had a great clientele that have always loved being a part of every adventure I go on and PMU was one that they really inspired me to take. I was already doing specifically brow services for over 2 years and I just kept getting questions and questions so I decided to take it with the help of a client being like a fairy godmother to me! 

3. You teach, You have a product line, What inspired you to start and open? 
I love teaching, I love being able to help others grow. It's that specifically that's motivated me to start and do both. There are so many students that do take fast courses and need that extra help and support and I love being able to do that through private training's and through miel! My passion for helping others grow really and truly is the root of everything.

4. If you could go back in time, what Advice would you give yourself as a new artist in the industry? 
TO BE PATIENT AND PRACTICE ALLWAYYYS! also that Education is forever so strap in! Were students forever and its going to be a journey no matter what. So patience is KEY! 

Alma and Miel are so awesome! You can find her and her products on Instagram 
or purchase Miel Balm directly through her website


Don't forget I mentioned a Giveaway before- we of course have some goodies for you!! 

Enter for a chance to win

Miel Healing Balm + Healing Cards
Full PMU Binder ( Including All Miel Forms)
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To Enter
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Giveaway starts today and ends June 15th at Midnight
Winner will be announced on June 16th


If you have questions about Alma, Miel or the Giveaway, feel free to reach out!I always love chatting with you babes!

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