Keep those Deets! Client information is so important

We all do it differently, but the one thing we have in common is that we all collect important information from our clients.

So Artists collect it prior to their client's appointment, some at their client's consultation and some at their actual initial brow appointment.

How ever you go about it, keeping detailed client is very important, not only for you but your clients⁠ as well⁠.

So what should you be keeping?⁠

Client Consent/Intake Forms and Medical History Forms:⁠
These forms are soo important- they protect you legally, as you have your clients initials and signatures, stating that they approve the procedure and are aware of all the risk.⁠

Consultation Notes:⁠
If you do pre- consultations, take notes during your consults. Your clients current brow concerns, what they want their brows to look like, what they don't want their brows to look like, anything important that they mention that might effect their end result.⁠

Sometimes a client's consultation and initial appointment can be far apart, with lots of other clients in between- You want to look like a Brow Superstar and remember everything you discussed.⁠

Appointment Notes:⁠
Note your pigment recipe- brand, color, concentration, blade size and lot number, pen style and brand.⁠
Make notes on the clients pain level- how well they took to the numbing you used. If you used multiple numbing creams- note which one you used.⁠
Note changes or additions you want to make at your enhancement session.⁠

Enhancement/Touch up Session Notes:⁠
Note any changes you made to the pigment recipe, blade/pen. ⁠
Note the lot number of the blade you used at this appointment.⁠

Phone number, E-mail, Birthday:⁠
This is super valuable information- you can follow up with clients on their healing, remind them of yearly touch up and offer birthday and other specials.⁠ You can also update them on other or new services you offer.

Pro tip: Your client contact information is one of the most valuable thing you own in your business. Keep it safe and use it often.⁠


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