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Hey babes!

Let's chat about getting new clients!  Microblading and permanent make-up is not a super repetitive service- like lashes or nails.  Yes we see our clients more than once,  but only every year to 2 years, maybe even 3 years.

So in order to keep our books full (or our online booking notifications poping off) we need to be constantly attracting new clients.

Luckily our service is on the higher end of the price spectrum, and we don’t need a ton of clients to make some good monies!!  But how many new clients you want/need is up to you- our goals are all different in that aspect.

What we do have in common is that we all need to keep those new clients rolling in.

So whens the best time to attract those new clients? 

Well... weirdly enough its when you don’t actually need them...When you are fully booked!

When your days are full (how ever that looks for you) is when you need to push forward and not slack on attracting new clients- because we want to stay fully booked- Right?  We want to keep the busy going!

So when you're in the thick of it- please don't stop showing up for your future clients.

Keep Attracting Them!

I know your busy- but its easier than you think- use what you got!   
Content is the easiest to create when you are busy because you are in the thick of it, you are literally creating it as you work. 

Of course you are going to show off the brows you are creating every day- but you don't have to wait to edit them and put them up on your feed at the perfect time of day, with the perfect caption (still do this, but...)

Share those brows/before and afters raw to you Instagram stories as soon as your client leave. Share that photo you snapped of your client's beaming smile after she sees her new brows for the first time.

Show off your day at the studio. Hell show off you studio!
Show your set up, share your clean up- show how safe and knowledgeable you are!

This might seem boring or mundane to you- but to your clients/future clients- it's Cool, it's Interesting, it's Different!
We have a cool job- we get to create brows every day and change people faces. Share what goes into it!


So I'm sure some of you are thinking- Thanks Alex, but what do I do if I'm not fully booked yet- how do I get there? 

How do you attract new clients? Well I've said it before and i'll say it again....

You need to Show Up!

Show up for your potential clients- if you don’t show up and tell the world what you have to offer (or simply what services you have to offer) how are they going to know about you and book with you. 

I know it can be easier said than done, I was there once too. Sitting there thinking how do I even start?  Do like Nike, and, JUST DO IT!  Hahha- I'm so lame sometimes. 

Bu for real, the sooner you start the sooner you will reach your destination.  You won't get there if you don't start.


So where do you start?

Here's a couple little ideas to start showing up- to showcase yourself, your services and your work to potential clients:

  • Instagram- Stories and Feed
  • Facebook- Personal Page or Business page (if you have one)
  • Create a Website- Can share this to Instagram and Facebook
    • There are many website hosting companies that offer Free website building
  • Get your business and website listed on Google
  • Ask past clients for reviews (Facebook and/or Google)
    • Share these to Instagram
  • Create a referral program

A few idea to get you started, get your ball rolling. If you need more information on anything we discussed today or need more ideas or inspo, feel free to reach out.

I always love chatting with you babes!

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