Nano VS. Ultra Nano Blades

It all comes down to the diameter!

Nano blades refer to the diameter of the blade⁠.

A Nano blade can be any size, and it can be a curved blade or a U blade⁠

Nano blades are generally in the industry referred to as any blade with a a diameter below 0.20mm⁠

The BrowTab Nano blades are 0.18mm⁠

So what is the benefit of a nano blade?⁠

Nano blades refer to the diameter of the blade⁠/
Well since the diameter of the blade is so much finer-⁠
➡️ It creates a super crisp stroke⁠
➡️ Glides through the skin even more smoothly ⁠
➡️ Causes less trauma to the skin, ideally allowing your strokes to heal more crisp⁠

So if a nano blade is this amazing what about an ultra nano blade???!!!⁠

Ultra Nano blades are coming to BrowTab and I couldn’t be more excited! This has been in the works since summer- and they are finally being produced!⁠

So an ultra Nano blade has an even finer diameter than a Nano blade. 0.16mm to be exact!!!⁠

So take the benefits of a Nano blade and reduce the diameter even more and you have the benefits of an Ultra Nano Blade⁠

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Check out this video where I explain the meaning of the word Nano in the Microblading industry and the difference between a Nano and Ultra Nano blade.

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