Sisters VS. Twins

When it comes to Brows we always say that symmetry is key, but we also like to say that Brows are Sisters not Twins. 

These two things are a little contradictory- but are both very true!

When I explain brow mapping to my clients, I explain that we use your facial measurements to find the brow shape that is best for you, and the shape that your face can naturally hold. Once this is done, we can then make adjustments for personal preferences- like higher arches, longer tails etc…

I always strive to create as much symmetry as possible without making them perfectly symmetrical.  This is because the majority of our faces are not perfectly symmetrical, and that’s totally normal. Check out the photo of the beautiful Penelope Cruz below

There is no question that she’s stunning in the Original photo (what she actually looks like) but the Left and Right symmetry photos distort her face and take away from her beauty. The impact of this example is much greater than having two perfectly symmetrical brows- but the concept is the same. This is why perfect symmetry is not always the answer for every client.

Each set of brows is unique and should reflect each client- one client may want their brows as symmetrical as possible, while another client may want their brow to look as natural as possible and simply enhance their brow shape. This should all be discussed and taken into consideration when doing your clients consultation and pre draw.


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