String Theory- Brow Mapping

Brow Mapping is an art in its own- there are so many different techniques out there and I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. It’s really all about how you learned and what method you are the most comfortable using.

The curriculum in my original Microblading course taught us how to measure using a ruler and pencil/marker, but my educator also added in the string method because she loved mapping brows that way. I have to say I am super thankful that she taught us this because it’s the method I use today and the reason why BrowTab sells Pre Inked Mapping String.

After my course I used the String method- and back then we didn’t have Pre inked String- I had to run pigment up and down the string to get color on it before using it – and that was mess. After a little while of using this method and engaging with other artist who didn’t use this method I decided to try and go back to the measuring method- using everything from forehead clear rulers to sticky rulers, to pencils and markers.

Any ways long story short- I came back to the string method because It made the most sense to me- and always made beautiful symmetrical brows for each client’s individual features.

I still speak to a lot of brow artists who are very intrigued by the string method, and curious how it works. So I thought I would share this video with y’all of what it looks like- and if you are interested in learning the method I could put together a how to video.

Leave me a comment about your thoughts or if you have any questions- or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes.


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