Summer Vacay Beauty

Did you babes get a chance to get out of town at all this summer?

I really hope you did! Or at least had a staycation to relax.  Down time to recharge is soo important when you are running a business and interacting with clients day in and day out.

I am finally going on a little get away- and honestly I'm soooo excited!!!

Today's blog is going to be a little different since its summer, its hot and I’m excited for a little trip!  Everyone is going to be back in the go go go work mindset when September hits, so I figured let’s not chat business on the blog today.

BrowTab is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and that’s where I live. Normally in August I would be headed to Vegas this week or next week for a little get away with my husband and some friends.  

I have a little obsession with Las Vegas and I definitely don't hide it, if you ever want to chat Vegas please message me I love to talk about it, almost as much as brows. Anyways we normally get to go every year- hit up a pool, have some drink and amazing dinners, catch a show and my favorite part walk the strip and take it all in!

This year is obviously different and crossing the boarding is not really in the cards this summer so we are hitting up another little oasis here in Canada- Kelowna BC. And luckily enough my sister just recently moved out there so I get to visit her and her family at the same time.

Anyways, as I pulled out my suitcase and toiletry bags to pack- I not only realized how much I missed packing for a vacay, but that being prepared for vacation is kind of art.  I like to be as low maintenance as possible while I am away- so I can always be basically ready to go.  But that also means being a little high maintenance and doing some prep before I leave.

Easy going vacay is totally my vibe when I am away- but I also like to look put together.  So I always make sure my nails, and lashes are fresh for a vacay so I don’t have to worry about them.  My brows are always ready to go thanks to Microblading.  And I always make sure my hair extensions have been recently tightened for easy styling/ laid back waves.

Having all this done makes me feel ready even when I only spend a few minutes getting ready. 

I also always bring a few of my must pack items 

  • Sol de Janeiro- Brazilian Bum Bum cream
    This lotion is amazing, it is so soft and makes your skin look soo smooth, and smells amazing (like the beach).  I don’t use this lotion on a daily basis- save it for vacays and special events.
  • Minis of all my fave products to save space- Moroccanoil is a must for me!
  • Emergen-C in Tangerine- I love this stuff!  It's basically a powder pack of electrolytes, vitamins and flavour that you add to your water.  Gives you a boost and some energy (also good to take before and after having some cocktails)

p.s. I am not affiliated with any of these products/brands just love them and personally use them.  

Do you have other must dos before vacation or other must brings on vacay? I would love to hear about!   Leave me a comment or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes! 






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