Brow Shock

Brow Shock is a real thing, I've experienced this many times in my career.
It happens when you show your client their new brows and they aren't as excited about them as you are, or as you thought they would be.

Unfortunately in our industry this is something that happens, as we create these new beautiful brows for our clients- it is a big change for them. And they sometimes need time to get use to them.

Even when we have great consultations, mapping and pre- draws it can still be hard for clients to sometimes fully envision the end results until you are finish. And this is where the Brow Shock can come in.

As artists it can be upsetting to hand our clients the mirror, to show off your beautiful work that you are sooo happy with and have them be like "ohhhh... ya... they look good."
And you can just tell the excitement isn't there.

But don't get down on yourself- just like we tell our clients to trust the healing process, trust the process of allowing them some time to get use to their new brows.
This Brow Shock has nothing to do with you and your work- your client just needs time.

Trust me, the next time you hear from them they will be so happy- wether it's a text you get from them in a couple hours when they get home and have had a chance to really check them out, or when you see them for their enhancement session and they are so excited to add more and go bolder.

Trust in yourself, your work and your skills and give your client time to get use to their beautiful brow. 

Don't beat yourself up- the Brow Shock will pass.

Have you had to deal with Brow Shock? Leave me a comment about your experience or if you have any questions- or send me and email- I’m always down to chat with you babes.