Our Story

BrowTab Specializes in All in One Microblading Pens and Tools to elevate your Microblading skills. At BrowTab I believe the key to crisp, clean, beautiful Microbladed brows are quality basics - I only sell products that I use to Blade (YES! Of course I still Blade)


Meet BrowTab's Founder Alex?

Hey Babes! I'm Alex- the founder and face behind Browtab! BrowTab was created out of a need for Simplicity. When I first started out in the Microblading world it was overwhelming wading through all the different complicated tools to find the perfect product to use.  There was so much information out there pointing me in different directions that it took me years and alot of trial and error to find what I was looking for.  BrowTab started as a search for a quality Disposable Microblading pens- because nobody's got time to put a blade into a pen. But it expanded into so much more- Quality Basics that you will use at every service.