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If a genie popped out of your iced coffee and said they could grant you 3 business wishes...

What would they be???? 

If you asked me this when I first started out in the beauty industry back in 2015?? 

Or when I really decided to get serious about becoming a Microblading Specialist back in 2020

I would have said...

  1. Booked out Months

  2. Consistent Income

  3. Amazing Clients

If you are anything like me- a success driven PMU artist and business owner,  you  probably said something pretty similar.  Because as beauty Business owners you know that by achieving these 3 wishes  is what will bring you a successful business.  And the awesome thing is the definition of  each of theses wishes is not the same  to you, as the other talented artist down the street.

What if I told you I could grant you these 3 wishes?

Not in the same way that the genie could- just granting them on the spot.  And that's probably for the best  because just getting handed your desires, doesn’t give you any appreciation and gratitude for the journey.

All that aside I can still grant you your business wishes....

Let's Change it up and call them Goals, not wishes.

And one of the first things you will do in the 100k Success Formula is learn to set tangible goals that you can work backwards to attain. Because without a Goal, without an end destination you are wandering aimlessly, trying everything, taking steps but in no set direction, but...

When you implement the 100k success formula,  your Goals are within reach...

Because you will learn the steps:

  1. To Attract amazing Clients, AKA the right clients for you- your Optimal Clients
  2. To book as many Clients as YOU want in your schedule every week and every month
  3. Which creates you a consistent income, and growth beyond that, to hit your wildest income goals

The 100k Success Formula combines the trial and error of my 8 years in the beauty business

What worked, what didn’t work, backed by my 10+ years in the hospitality industry, and an economics degree.

I share with you the exact successful steps I took to create the successful Microblading business I have now. Cutting through the fails, the miss steps and struggles...

To give you what works to build your own Successful Beauty business!

Broken down into Actionable steps.  Sprinkled with personal experiences, some basic economics to back the facts and some customer service aspects that I could have only learnt from spending 10+ years in the restaurant industry.

Want inside access to the 100k Success formula ebook and extras- a little taste of what you will learn, my teaching style, and 5 Unconventional methods that you can put int your business today

Then CLICK here to check out the the Free Webinar- Unconventional Beauty Business Growth Methods


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    Alex is always so knowledgeable, thorough and thinks of all the little details. Highly recommend ANYTHING from her. She’s an amazing business woman!